Eat, Drink & Smoke

Tree Harvest Festival offers a wide variety of food, drinks and a picnic area (which is also the Official Smoking Section) in which to enjoy it all. You can feast on all of your favorite fair foods along with our cannabis inspired drinks. We even have a FREE filtered water station to fill up your water bottles.

Sit in the picnic area and enjoy some great music while eat drink and smoke.

If you are interested in being a food vendor or participating in the Tree Harvest Festival, please contact us at 916-787-0101 or

Picnic Area (Official Smoking Section)

The Picnic Area is 4 acres of green grass surrounded by shade trees. We have a DJ Stage right dab in the middle of the field with speakers pointed in all directions.

Food Options

We will have all of the County Fair favorites available for our munchies.

If you have food allergies you are welcome to bring your own food (No Beverages). Just let the people at the gate know about your food allergies.

Free Filtered Water Station

Bring a vessel for your water. Located in the middle of the event is a commercial grade large water filtration system where you can get some free H20, ground temperature or chilled.

Cannabis Inspired Drinks

Beverage Booths will serve a variety of cannabis imspired drinks including Margaritas and much more.

We are looking to partner with four Yolo County nonprofit organizations that can run the booths as a fund raiser.

If you are involved with a Yolo County nonprofit that may be interested please contact us at 916-787-0101 or

What's Happening at Tree Harvest Festival