In order to ensure that everyone has a great time at the Tree Harvest Festival, please check out these frequently asked questions about our event. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us!

Can I ingest or smoke cannabis at Tree Harvest Festival?

Yes, but according to California law there is no smoking allowed in the buildings and you must smoke in the “Smoking Section” of the event. We will have a very big smoking section.

The “Smoking Section” is four (4) acres of green grass surrounded by shade trees. We have a DJ Stage right dab in the middle of the field with speakers pointed in all directions. On Friday 4-20 the DJ Stage will be one of the biggest 420 parties in Cali but on Saturday and Sunday it will be a chill picnic area that we may smoke in.

Meet us in the “Picnic Area” at 4:20pm on 4-20 (April 20, 2018) for the Northern California 420 Light Up and we will smoke one with you.

Can I purchase marijuana at the Tree Harvest Festival?


Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, you need to be 21 years of age or older to attend Tree Harvest Festival.

Can I bring food or drinks to THF?

We cannot allow beverages into the festival. We will have a free filtered water station so bring a bottle.

We will have plenty of food at THF but if you have “food allergies” just let the security know at the gate and they will allow you to bring in your picnic baskets and coolers (NO BEVERAGES – NO EXCEPTIONS).

Can I bring my own stash?

You may bring or carry not more than whatever is legal for an individual to carry on their person on April 20 – 22, 2018 in Woodland, California, USA

Do I have to possess a current Physician Statement and Recommendation?

No, you must only be 21 years of age with valid Identification to enter THF. However there is a $5 discount at the gate for persons whom reside in California and posses a valid CA ID and have a Physician Statement and Recommendation.

Is there a discount for Veterans?

YES. All active or retired military with proper identification get FREE admission to THF. Thank you for your service! Please check our speaker series schedule for a talk about the medical benefits to post traumatic stress disorder.

Can I bring my pet to THF?

Only service animals will be permitted at THF. Unfortunately because of the structure of this event with, food, edibles and the cooking stage, the Health permit basically puts the whole festival in the category as a restaurant. We are not allowed to have pets within 20 feet of a food vendor and our isles are not wide enough to accommodate that.

Will the event be cancelled if it rains?

No. Unless the conditions become extreme we will be open rain or shine. If we cancel we will post on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @treeharvestfest #treechampionship

Is re-entry allowed?


What items are prohibited at the festival?

No beverages. No weapons. No illegal drugs.

What can we bring?

Lawn chairs. Empty water bottles.

Can we bring our pipes, bongs, rigs, rolling papers, and one-hitters in the venue?

You may bring in your own hand held smoking apparatus. However we suggest you avoid driving with paraphernalia. We will have a rolling station in the exhibits hall. If you have a VIP ask a VIP host and they’ll roll up your flower for you.

Will there be first aid onsite?

Yes. We will have first aid professionals on site.

What's Happening at Tree Harvest Festival