Speaker Series

The Speaker Series will be located outside between the Cannabis Health and Cannabis Services buildings. It will be a skirted raised platform, pro sound system with wireless mic’s, a large backdrop LCD screen that can be used as a lap top duplicator (similar to a projector), podium, 150 chairs plus standing room for another 500. A 10X10 white canopy tent with tables and chairs will be used by speakers for promotion during and after speech.

The tent will have three tables, one for the upcoming speaker and one for the speaker on stage. There will be a banner with the speaker schedule and sponsor logo above the speaker tent. The stage will be “Bare”, with just the moderator and speaker both with and a headset or mic. It can be set-up, “Interview Style” with two low back chairs, a coffee table, and a beverage table between chairs; or it can be set-up with a Podium.

The interview will be recorded and broadcast on our social media outlets and our website. A downloadable link will be emailed to each speaker so they may use it for their own promotion as well.

If you are interested in speaking at the Tree Harvest Festival contact Sasan, our Speaker coordinator and host.

The speaker schedule and bios on the speakers will be posted on the website here in early 2018.
Remember to also check back here after the event for links to the speeches from the Tree Harvest Festival.

Coordinator: Sasan Javan, 916-813-7773, m.h.seifikar@hotmail.com
Manager: John Javidan, 916-412-6490, john@treeharvestfestival.com
Production: Johny 5 Productions, 916-787-0101, info@wasappaning.com

Sasan Javan – Host

Sasan Javan was born in 1963. He attended El Camino High School and Sacramento City College. He has degrees from U. C. Davis, San Francisco State University, University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Gent University in Belgium.

He has a Ph.D. degree in Philosophy, with concentration on ethics. His focus is on social and political issues. He has had a life-long interest in cannabis and the related issues.

He primarily promotes civility and clear thinking.

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