Sacramento News and Review Stage

The Speaker Series will be located inside Building D on the Sacramento News and Review Stage and will run both days.

Like some other large cannabis events, The Tree Harvest Festival will also have speakers, lectures and talks. In some cannabis events, the speakers focus on various business aspects of the industry. They are often mainly addressing fellow industry members. In contrast, we want to educate and raise consciousness about cannabis related issues. Therefore, our speakers will talk about current issues and aim for a broad appeal and the general public.

We will have experts in the fields give talks on “using cannabis to treat PTSD”, “helping minority communities to enter the cannabis business”, “the benefits and the limits of CBD for Pets”, “the issues which have emerged after Proposition 64,” “the transition into the new regulated market,” and “how to grow fire at home”.

The speakers will give a 15–20 minute talk which will be followed by a discussion. The lectures and talks will be recorded and posted on YouTube. The schedule will be coming soon. Sasan Javan is our Speaker coordinator and host.


Brenda Davis

Sunday at 2:20pm

Aaron Augustis

Saturday at 12:30pm

Wade Laughter

Saturday at 2:00pm

Dr. Tim Shu

Saturday at 3:00pm

Seth Matrisciano

Sunday at 11:40am

Kimberly Cargile

Sunday at 1:00pm

High Grade Farms & Flawless Cooking Stage – Cooking Demonstrations

The Cooking Demonstrations are located in Building D on the Sacramento News and Review Stage. We will have guest Chefs showing the best edible practices on both days. There will be a mobile kitchen at the Tree Harvest Festival in order to inform and teach the festival attendees about various ways of cooking with cannabis.

Kirsten van Ummersen will supervise the mobile kitchen and organize the cooking demonstrations. She will also conduct an infused cooking demonstration on each day. Famous local comedian and actor Ngaio Bealum and Master chef Ed Murrieta will also give culinary lessons on both days. These will be recorded and posted on YouTube. There will also be a host who will introduce the chefs and MC the event.


Event Details

Cal Expo
1600 Exposition Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95815

Parking: $10

Dates: August 24th through August 25th


  • August 24th - Noon to 9:00PM
  • August 25th - 11:00Am to 5:00PM

Festival Map

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