Kirsten Van Ummersen

Kirsten van Ummersen is a self-taught cook and baker and she has perfected her craft through many hours of practicing and experimenting with food. She has been passionate about cooking and baking since she was a child. Kirsten grew up in Tahoe City and learned to cook and bake beautiful and delicious food from her mother. She has two Master’s degrees. She also has professional kitchen experience. Kirsten has traveled extensively in Europe and is a true lover of Mediterranean cuisine. She has an eye for presentation and a broad and open-minded palate.

On Saturday, Kirsten will give a 15-20 minute demonstration entitled “the Basics of Cooking with Cannabis”. Kirsten will demonstrate the making of cannabis infused butter. A lot of cannabis infused baked goods and meals are made by adding the infused butter to their recipes. So, the making of cannabis butter is part of “the basics of cooking with cannabis”. She will use a method which produces a strong product with a lot of shelf life. Kirsten will also demonstrate infusing coconut oil and vegetable glycerin. The former is for the vegan and the latter can be used as a tincture or with foods like ice cream or coffee or other desserts. She will also use the infused butter to make some cookies and cornbread for display.

On Sunday, Kirsten will give a 15-20 minute demonstration entitled “Marijuana Infused Recipes from North Africa”. Kirsten will demonstrate the making of Dawamesk. Dawamesk is a sweet honey-based nut spread which is spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves and cannabis. She will also make Mahjoun. Mahjoun is a jam-like concoction made with ingredients such as dried fruits, chopped nuts and sweet spices. Mahjoun was a traditional form of self-healing and protection from sickness for the Berbers, who often consume mahjoun after their evening meal. These North African recipes are estimated to be at least 1,000-years-old. They are among the most legendary of all psychoactive confections.

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  • August 24th - Noon to 9:00PM
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