Seth Matrisciano

Seth Matrisciano is an experienced and skilled local grower. He is the founder of one of Northern California’s oldest Medical Cannabis cooperatives. He became an integral part of Sacramento’s medical cannabis effort in 2002, immediately after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Seth is a living example of how Medical Cannabis can be a life-saver and living proof that self-healing is real and possible in some cases.

Seth is currently hosting a discussion group in Sacramento which is focused on indoor growing, safely and affordably. He is sought after by dispensaries for help with supplying seriously ill patients. He just gave a talk at the Santa Barbara Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo entitled “How to Grow and Prepare Your Own Organic Medicinal Cannabis”.

At the Tree Harvest Festival, Seth will talk about the virtues of growing your own marijuana organically. He will focus on how to install high-efficiency LED lighting for any budget by using simple components, and how to manage issues that frequently come up like humidity, pests, and odor.

Event Details

Cal Expo
1600 Exposition Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95815

Parking: $10

Dates: August 24th through August 25th


  • August 24th - Noon to 9:00PM
  • August 25th - 11:00Am to 5:00PM

Festival Map

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